Chlamydia Cases in Utah

I've been exploring some communicable disease data for Utah (sourced from Utah's Open Data Portal which, unfortunately, only has data up through 2009) and created the chart below to illustrate something that completely surprised me: the most prevelant communicable disease in Utah over that ten-year period was Chlamydia, which was nearly nine times more prevalent than Chickenpox!

To give you an idea of the difference, there were 43,832 cases of Chlamydia over that time period compared to 5,208 cases of Chickenpox.

Here is a table showing the top five communicable diseases and, below that, a chart showing the growth of Chlamydia cases per year.

Disease Total Cases
Chlamydia 43,832
MRSA 10,434
Chicken Pox 5,208
Gonorrhea 5,057
Giardiasis 3,694