Recent Updates

I've given the site a major facelift, hopefully making it easier to get to some of my content. I've also removed my photography because I'm just not that interested in the topic any longer. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy photography but talking about the topic and posting my photos just isn't as interesting to me as it used to be.

Since I was updating the site, here are some additional updates on various projects with which I've been involved.

First, I updated some of my public machine learning projects, such as my predictor of Lending Club defaults. They are available at my GitHub page.

I've become a permanent blogger at the LDS blog Wheat & Tares. It's a great group of writers representing different types of Mormonism and I'm grateful they let me join their august ranks. You can find all of my posts at my author page.

I'm still doing work for my small startup company, Regression Labs, LLC. I've got a few non-public projects I've been working on but hope I can release at least one of them soon.