Halloween in Zion National Park

This Halloween my daughter and I went to Zion National Park to camp and hike. She had never hiked the Narrows before so that was the primary reason for the trip.

The first day, after setting up camp and grabbing dinner, we picked up our hiking gear for the next day. We rented the dry pants, river hiking boots, and neoprene socks for the Narrows hike. The Visitor’s Center in Zion claimed the water temperature of the Virgin River was about 55 degrees, so we would definitely want to remain dry.

The next day was spent hiking the Narrows, which was fantastic. It was windy in the morning but once we got into the Narrows the wind had died down. Once the sun came up the ambient temperature climbed, but it never reached more than 50 degrees within the canyon.

The Zion Narrows

There were a bunch of photographers in the canyon, which was unfortunate because they would congregate in certain areas, forcing hikers to go around them. One photographer even yelled at a hiker to get out of his photo. I was tempted to “bump” his tripod. Still, the colors in the Narrows, while not peak, were fantastic. The changing leaves and sunlit walls are just so amazing. No photograph can do it justice, but we still try.

The Zion Narrows

The next day we hiked around, exploring the park, finally ending up hiking to Hidden Canyon, which is a non-trivial hike offering great views of the canyon below, especially Big Bend, which is near Angel’s Landing.

Big Bend in Zion National Park