Cabin in Featherville

One of the highlights of our year is an annual get-together with some people we have been friends with for decades now. We consider each other family and even our children are best friends. I have been friends with both guys since high school. They married sisters. We all attended the same university and hung out at every opportunity. These types of friendships are extremely rare and I consider our friendship to be among the greatest blessings in my life. The fact that all of our kids are best friends is icing on the cake.

Not all of us live close together now, so for the past several years we have made it an annual tradition to rent a large home/cabin and spend a few days together all in that same home. We try to select different places in order to mix up the experience, resulting in trips to Island Park, Idaho; Park City, Utah; the Oregon coast; and now: Featherville, Idaho.

Cabin in Featherville, Idaho

Manual Sudoku

Cabin decorations

The cabin was right along the river so there was plenty of play in the water. We also spent a day in some natural hot springs that feed into the river nearby, resulting in water with a fantastic temperature. We also went on a hike, but the most fun for me was the nightly bonfire where stories were told and a lot - I mean a lot - of laughter was had.

Friends around a bonfire

Friends around a bonfire with Milky Way in the background

Friends around a bonfire with sparks