Family Trip - Ouray

One of the last places we stayed on our family trip to Colorado was Ouray (pronounced yoo-ray). I was very excited to check out the town because it has looked so picturesque in the photos I’ve seen of it.

After checking into the hotel I headed up to a trail, hoping to get a photo of the town from up high. I had located a spot on the map that looked promising, so I drove to the trail.

While on the hike I passed by some old, ruined mining buildings that were pretty neat.

Old mining building near Ouray

I managed to find a great spot overlooking the town of Ouray. I setup the tripod, took some photos, and just enjoyed being there - the crisp air, the gentle breeze, and beautiful sunset on the mountains.

The photo below is actually two exposures: One for the sky and one for the valley, which was in deep shadow. I processed the RAW files in Lightroom with no sharpening, exported them as TIFFs, and then merged them in Photoshop, where I finished up the processing.

Ouray, Colorado at sunset