Figure Eight in Big Cottonwood Canyon

I’ve been intending to phtograph this spot for some time now but my schedule and the weather haven’t cooperated - either I’m busy on a clear night or, when I’ve been free, it’s been snowing. Well, last night the two converged so I headed up to the canyon.

I got to the canyon at about 4:00 because I didn’t know at what time it would get dark enough in the canyon for me to take this photograph, nor did I know where the best vantage point would be, so I arrived a bit early and hiked around until I found a spot with which I was happy. Once there, I framed the shot, setup the tripod, and waited, enjoying a hot cup of my wife’s carmel apple spice drink (an imitation of the same drink at Starbucks) and taking in the sunset on the surrounding mountains. I absolutely love the outdoors.

I had initially tried using my polarizing filter to increase my camera’s shutter speed but I didn’t like the overall look. Instead, I just waited for nature to do its work. It finally got dark enough to get good light trails at about 6:20 PM so I experimented with timing both directions of traffic below me. This exposure is approximately 40 seconds long and consisted of two lines of cars traveling both directions in the figure eight mostly simultaneously.

Figure eight in the road in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah