Autumn Morning in Monte Cristo

The other day, prior to work, I headed up to the Monte Cristo mountains in Utah to capture sunrise and the autumn colors of the trees. The weather forecast showed an approaching storm that should arrive around noon so I had hoped there would be some leading clouds that could make for a dramatic sky in sunrise photos.

Unfortunately, after I awoke at 5:30 AM and saw that the sky was completely clear, I briefly considered climbing back into the warm, comfortable bed and snuggling with my wife. Instead, since I knew about six days of rain and snow were on their way, likely to force leaves down from trees, I decided to go forward with my plans and drove up to Monte Cristo, hoping for the best.

While I wasn’t blessed with dramatic skies, the leaves were spectacular and I made the best of the situation. There really isn’t much better than a beautiful sunrise overlooking a beautiful landscape.

I’ll post some additional photographs a bit later, but I figured I’d post a couple from the morning.

The FJ along an aspen-lined trail. FJ along an aspen-lined trail in Monte Cristo, Utah

Sunrise lighting up several nearby aspen trees. I had to use a graduated neutral density filter to keep the sky and sun under control. Autumn sunrise with backlit aspen